Best Music for Gay Bars

Music has been the cornerstone for many gay bars across the world. One thing we, at Cafe Music Studios, wonder is what is the best music for gay nightlife entertainment, such as gay bars? We stuck our noses deep in the bar scene book and asked a dozen gay bar owners what they believe works best.

Keeping Gay Men Entertained Through Music

Obviously when we are talking about a gay bar, there is the component of alcohol consumption. Whatever your favorite drink is, the music will be blaring and your focus will be on trying to figure out how to talk to the hot guy at the end of the bar who is sitting by himself. It’s no wonder why we are all fixated on the music because a song that you like could trigger you to get up and find the courage to ask him to dance.

The upbeat and super loud music comes on and BOOM! It hits you like a ton of bricks. You get up. You dance. You order another drink. You spend more money!

That’s what all of the gay bar owners had in common. They all said, “if we play music that they like, and that we like, we all have a good time and we make more money.” It is truly a win-win scenario.

Keep these males entertained through uplifting music that runs the vibrations of beautiful wave length noises and triggers fun, excitement and of course… a quick relationship. According to Hot Horny Hunks, an LGBT and hot gay naked males community, “hot gay men want music blaring, drinks flowing and a quick hookup to end the night.” That’s what these gay bars bring to the table and that’s why music plays a key part of running a successful business.

Types of Genres

You’re on your way to one of your favorite gay bars downtown… what music do you want to listen to? Well, we asked and you shall receive!

Hot Genre #1: House

The old people used to call this “Techno music.” Laughing out loud as I write this, but House music can really get your vibrations going. The sound of the beats from drums, keyboards and the instruments that go along with it can get you to new heights. Bar owners know this and that is why they play this type of music the most.

Hot Genre #2: New-Age Pop Hits

Who doesn’t want to listen to a new J.T. song while their tipsy? That’s right… we all want to. Bar owners said that nearly 95% of the club will get up and dance to the newest hits from all sorts of pop artists that are taking off currently. I think we’re all in the same boat on this genre because these are the songs that play on the radio all day long.

Hot Genre #3: Classical with Beats

Think of Post Modern Jukebox when we say “classical with beats.” Some of the most uplifting music you can listen to, and, they play cover songs. So, you get some old school jams that you used to listen to mixed with some very talented cover song players. Really, they are a band and they rock the joint up!

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it folks. This was one of my favorite posts to write about because obviously we love music here and hopefully this helps some bar owners run a more successful business through music. Whenever in doubt, play the house music. That’s something we all learned about. Make sure that your clients are happy by creating an atmosphere that sells. From all of us here at Cafe Music Studios, we’ll see you next time!

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